User Experience Services

Michael P. Heck, Ph.D., Applied Experimental Psychologist
Providing consulting expertise in the creation of complex user-interfaces using proven system and psychological design principals and development processes

Dr. Heck utilizes the knowledge he has gathered related to User-Centered Design (UCD) and User Experience (UE) methodologies to develop user interfaces that meet or exceed client’s criterion for operator productivity, system performance and user satisfaction.

Dr. Heck is a highly proficient programmer and as skills in languages/ prototyping tools such as,  C, C Sharp, VB and Axure, etc. He is also adept in HTML, Java Script and Java.

With these skills and his knowledge of applied cognitive psychology, Dr. Stockdale provides consulting on areas such as:

  • Conceptual modeling
  • Interface design
  • Early usability evaluation
  • Design thinking workshops
  • Content analysis
  • User requirements

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